Beelzebub isn’t an ordinary demon. He’s one of the Seven Princes of Hell, and it’s his job to tempt humans with the delightful sin of gluttony. Jumping from host to host, he takes possession of human bodies, and savors every last bit of the experience, before leaving the body weak and broken. But there’s one who gives him trouble, a human woman named Clara. Intrigued, he tries harder. Because, one way or another, he will get into her sweet, sweet body.

Clara has a gift. As an empath, she can sense other people’s emotions. It’s a gift that she’s taken to heart, and uses it to make people feel better. Unfortunately, doing so leaves her drained. The more she helps others, the weaker she becomes. Then an angel appears. He tells her he’s there to help, to lend her his strength, but something doesn’t feel right. When she learns the truth about him–Beelzebub, a demon–she recommits to the light of God, and banishes him from her sight.

But demons don’t go away so easily.

Both fighting for her soul, they fight with anything they can grab, be holy water, other people, or sacred objects from a time forgotten. And with a civil war brewing in Hell, will they both be pulled into a fight for something bigger?